Birthday parties are always an exciting time, especially when it’s for your little one. It takes a lot to plan a party but with Rev’d Up Fun, you don’t have to worry. We take care of all the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is book, invite your guests, and show up. It’s that simple. But, we understand how special birthday’s are, which is why we are providing the ultimate birthday party guide for you to make your child’s day one they will never forget.


It takes time to plan a party. So, before you go ahead and book, make sure you have some things squared away first. Such as:

Figure out when you want your party

  • It’s always important to have a date in mind before you book. This will make the booking process go smoother on both ends.

What attractions does the birthday child want?

  • It’s important to know what attractions the birthday kid wants to do during their party. After all, it’s their day and this is an important part of having a memorable birthday.

Pick the package that best suits the birthday child

  • All of our packages are listed here. Make sure you pick the best one that you think will fit the birthday child. Every kid is different, and we want them to have the best birthday experience while at Rev’d Up Fun.

TIP: Remember who this birthday party is for.


Now that you have everything planned, it is now time to book your party with Rev’d Up Fun. Here’s how:

Call or book online

You can book your party by clicking here or giving us a call at 734.307.3711

TIP: If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Our booking coordinator is happy to assist you.

Set date

Once you are ready to book your party, don’t forget to set the date so we can mark it and make sure your birthday goes off without a hitch.

Pick delicious goodies

When booking, the booking coordinator will ask you what kind of pizza you want, drinks, etc.. Be ready to know what you want, but no worries if you don’t. You can always change this later before the party.

TIP: Every party comes with your choice of vanilla or chocolate cupcakes but you are free to bring in your own birthday cake. Just let us know when setting up the party.


Now that you’ve planned your party and it is booked, it is time to invite your guests. After booking with us, you will receive digital invitations in an email. Feel free to use those to invite your party guests to let them know they are in for a fun filled birthday celebration.


The week of your party, our booking coordinator will call you to confirm all and last minute details with you. This is your chance to change or add any additional things to your party if needed. After this, we look forward to seeing you the day of the party!


Everything is confirmed, and now it is time to have the best party celebration yet! Here are some important tips to know for the party:

Arrive 15 minutes early

It’s important to arrive earlier than the guests to check in with your party hosts and make sure everything is correct for your party.

Party itinerary

When checking in, your party host will give you the party itinerary of all the attractions the birthday child chose, when you will go into the party garage, etc.

Party host

During the entirety of the party, your host will stick with the kids, play with them, and to ensure they are having the best time.

Party Garage

After playing on the attractions, you and the party guests will go into the party garage to eat, play games, and open gifts.

Tip: We provide all the decorations. Please do not bring anything in that goes on the wall or big balloons.

Party wheel

After the party garage, the birthday child will go over to the party wheel and spin. What will they win? It’s up to the spin wheel.

Goodie bags

The birthday child and their party guests will all receive a goodie bag (a part of the Rev’d Up Package only) at the end filled with a bunch of fun goodies they can play with. What a great way to end a party!

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