North Pole Party 

  • Thursday, December 13th, 5-8PM

  • Private Event – $25/kid – limited tickets available


Ticket Includes:

  • Unlimited Play on Attractions
  • Elf Workshop – Fun Christmas Crafts
  • Rudolf Crossing – Reindeer Food Bar ““`
  • Winter Wonderland – Hot Cocoa
  • Santa’s House – Pictures with Santa

Food and drink specials for adults and kids!

Fans – 

We are so excited and honor to announce that we have been nominated for three Macaroni Kid – Downriver  Gold Daisy Awards. These awards a fun way to highlight local small businesses in the Downriver area. What is so great about the Gold Daisy Awards is that YOU, our loyal customers and fans can vote.

What are we nominated for?

We are nominated in THREE categories:

  1. Best Downriver Indoor Fun Center Location
  2. Best Downriver Birthday Party Location
  3. Best Downriver Place for Teens / Tweens

How can you vote?

It’s simple. All you have to do is click here, vote, and enter your email address. After this, you are all set until tomorrow. Yes, you read right. You can vote for us once a day until November 18 at 11:59:99 pm.

Happy Voting!! 

Want to learn more about Macaroni Kid- Downriver? Check them out at their website:

Here at Rev’d Up Fun, we proudly serve Guernsey Ice Cream. In fact, we believe it’s one of the best assets our facility has. It doesn’t matter how you scoop it, whether it’s on a cone, in a bowl, your fingers, or in a sundae. Guernsey Ice Cream will still have the same fresh flavor because they are made with their ultra-fresh milks. We love it so much that we’ve decided to feature our favorite ice cream flavor of the month. This flavor is a favorite among all of our staff, and we think you’ll fall in love with it too.  


This flavor of ice cream is exactly how it sounds. It is vanilla ice cream loaded with cookie dough pieces, dark chocolate flakes, and is swirled with delicious Sanders peanut butter caramel. With all that to say, this flavor is TO DIE for. We highly encourage you to try a scoop. You can also give it a try in one of our famous sundae’s (donut sundae, waffle sundae, brownie sundae). We promise, you can’t go wrong, no matter how you scoop it.


This past Sunday, we had a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween celebration mixed with discounts, candy, costumes, friends, and so much more. There were plenty of incredible costumes, and not to mention, we even had a caramel apple station. It was day filled with thrills, chills, and Halloween spirit. Were you there? See if you can spot yourself in the gallery below:

A lot happens during the week at Rev’d Up Fun. At the end of it, we love to highlight what’s going on at the center, and what you might have missed. So, if for whatever reason you missed something over on our socials, you can continue reading to see what you might have missed.

New Menu Items: 

This week we have added new items to our menu. These items are delicious and something you certainly you have to try. The new additions include, chicken and waffles, and pineapple pizza. So, what are you waiting for? Come on in today and try what you wish. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Check out the rest of our newly added items below: 

Play. Eat. Be Happy Hour: 

We are also starting our very own Happy Hour from Tuesday – Friday starting at 4 pm and ending at 7 pm. See what items are available on our Happy Hour menu below: 

Play. Eat Be Spooky Adults Night Out:

Our Halloween style Adults Night Out is coming up this Thursday, October 25 from 7-10 pm. We are so excited for this thrilling event. Are you? If so, let us know you are coming by way of Facebook. You can also purchase your tickets by clicking here. Tickets are $30 in advance and $35 at the door. Don’t miss out on this SPOOKTACULAR event. It’s one you won’t want to miss.


Have any highlights or fun experiences from Rev’d Up Fun? Let us know and you just might be featured right here on the blog. 

Here at Rev’d Up Fun, we value our customers. Making them have the best experience is what we strive to do on a daily basis. Many have repeatedly come back to our facility, and we take notice. We love seeing familiar faces, and knowing they are making memories brings a smile to our face. This week we are shining the spotlight on one of our repeat customers, Janet Marie. She has been following us since construction started and now, she comes back regularly with friends, grand kids, and for events. We loved hearing what she had to say about the greatest family entertainment center in Downriver.

Learn more about Janet and her favorite Rev’d Up experiences below:

What was it that drew you to come into Rev’d Up Fun?

I have been following since construction, and was extremely happy to have something different Downriver. Had to check it out!

What were your initial thoughts when you first came into Rev’d Up Fun?

Initially, I thought prices were steep when looking at the menu, but quickly saw the value once everything was broken down. The environment was bright and inviting, and quickly gave me the impression that I should be ready for some fun!

What has become your favorite attraction?

The XD Dark Ride is my personal favorite.

What has been your favorite memory made at Rev’d Up Fun?

I loved having a night out with all my adult kids and their spouses. We had so much fun.

What at Rev’d Up Fun makes you the happiest?

Watching my grand kids enjoy, and being able to just have some fun.

Why do you love about Rev’d Up Fun?

I love it because it gives you somewhere to go where all ages are catered to, and the staff is always friendly and helpful.

After visiting and making memories here, would you recommend Rev’d Up Fun based on your experience? Why or why not?

Yes, I have done so already! Family and friends have been back for repeat visits. We come back for the same reason as stated before. It’s a great environment for all ages to enjoy.

Halloween is just around the corner and Rev’d Up Fun has several festivities for you and your family. If you haven’t figured out what to do for the holiday yet, look no further than Rev’d Up Fun. Our goal is for you to get into the spirit of Halloween and have fun while doing so. Many of our festivities include costumes, candy, and so much more. Read on to find out what we have happening for the rest of the Halloween season.

Fun Attractions: 

Join us daily for these chilling and spook-tacular attractions. Not to mention, every Tuesday, one of these special attractions will be half off throughout the rest of the month. Keep an eye out on our socials for more information!

  • R.I.P. Ropes (Ropes Course)
  • Boo-locity (Ballocity)
  • Graveyard Wars Laser Tag (Laser Tag)
  • Thrills and Chills Dark Ride (Dark Ride)
  • Spooky Spider Spin Zone (Spin Zone Cars)

Trick-or-Treat Tuesdays: 

Join us every Tuesday for festive fun. We encourage you to dress up as you play, eat, and be happy. Every Tuesday throughout the rest of the month, you can enjoy complementary candy stations at each attraction, coloring, and half off selected attractions. If you dress up in costume, you will be entered into a raffle to win a Halloween basket filled with goodies.


Play. Eat. Be Spooky: 

Come and join us for this Rev’d Up Halloween event on Sunday, October 28 from 1 pm – 7 pm. There will be 10% off attraction packages. Come in costume for a free $5 play card. This event will also include a Monster Mash party for kids 12 and under.

$5 per kid includes: 

  • Halloween snacks
  • Access to Party Bay with Halloween crafts and activities
  • Face Painting.

You can let us know if you’re planning on coming on our Facebook event page. 

Spot the Spook: 

Do you like scavenger hunts? You’re in luck! We have hidden TEN Spot the Spook ghosts around our center. Can you find them all? If you do, let us know at the service center and you will receive some Halloween candy.

Play. Eat. Be Spooky Adults Night Out: 



We enjoyed our first Adults Night Out so much that we decided to do another Halloween style. If you missed the last one or need a night out without the kiddos, join us for this private VIP event on October 25 from 7 pm – 10 pm.

A $30 ticket will get you: 

  • Unlimited play at all 4 of our attractions
  • 1 hour of unlimited arcade games
  • Boos and Bites specials (food and drinks)
  • Live music
  • Scavenger hunt

Make the most of the season by coming in costume.

Tickets are $30 in advance and $35 at the door. So, what are you waiting for? Buy your tickets today! You can purchase your tickets here and let us know you are coming on our Facebook event page. 




It’s been another eventful week here at Rev’d Up Fun. Our Halloween celebrations or in motion, and fun has been had. The weather is getting colder, which means you can come in and enjoy a hot cup of Joe or hot chocolate while watching your kiddos have the time of their lives. But that’s not all, we’re in the spirit of more Halloween specials and giveaways. Read on to find out what they are and what else has been happening at Rev’d Up Fun this week.  


If you haven’t heard, we are having a special event every Tuesday throughout the month called “Trick-or-Treat Tuesdays”. Every Tuesday, candy will be handed out at all of our attractions, coloring will be taking place, and there is one half off attraction each week. Not to mention, you and your kids have the opportunity to dress up. When you do, you will be entered to win this incredible Halloween basket filled with SPOOK-tacular goodies.  


This week was the first week for some amazing ice cream specials. Every Tuesday-Friday, we will be posting TWO names via social media and our chalkboard in the filling station. The TWO names that are posted will receive free ice cream for that day. Sounds like a pretty great deal. Keep an eye out via our socials to see if your name has been chosen. This special will run until October 31.  



Yes, it’s true! We have brand new beer specials. The beers listed below are only $4 each. Come in today and enjoy.  

  • Starcut Ciders Octorock Apple 
  • Gonzo’s Porch Appeal  
  • Short’s Local’s Light 

 Play. Eat. Be Spooky Adults Night Out:  

 Did you miss our last Adults Night Out? You’re in luck. Our next Adults Night Out will be on October 25 from 7-10 pm. This time, we’re doing it Halloween style.  

 A $30 ticket will get you:

  • Unlimited play at our 4 attractions
  • 1 hour of unlimited arcade games
  • Boos and bites specials
  • live music
  • Scavenger hunt

Make the most of the season by coming in costume.  

Tickets are $30 in advance and $35 at the door. So, what are you waiting for? Buy your tickets today! You can tell us your going on Facebook right here and purchase your tickets here. 


 There is no doubt that our customers have some highlights of their own while visiting Rev’d Up Fun. We’ve decided to share some of those highlights this week by a way of photos. If you have any fun highlights from the week, make sure to tag us on our socials or use the hashtags #revitup and #playeatbehappy.  

Heather Anne Ortiz






Here at Rev’d Up Fun, we value our customers. Making them have the best experience is what we strive to do on a daily basis. Many have repeatedly come back to our facility, and we take notice. We love seeing familiar faces, and knowing they are making memories brings a smile to our faces. So, to thank them for being supportive, we’ve chosen to do a Customer Spotlight to highlight our customers, and their favorite experiences at Rev’d Up Fun. This week we are shining the spotlight on customer who lost track of time while eating, playing, and being happy, Tara Lynn. She has been here with family and has loved every minute of it. It was a great honor hearing what she had to say about the greatest family entertainment center in Downriver.

Learn more about Tara and her favorite Rev’d Up experiences below:

What was it that drew you to come into Rev’d Up Fun?

The proximity to our home, and the fact that it was a new place owned by a local family. My son and his girlfriend were coming home from college for the weekend to attend a concert on a Saturday. They wanted to hang out with mom and dad Friday evening. This was fantastic, however, it was the first week of school being back in session and this teacher mama was beyond tired. So, we opted to stay close to home to have a fun evening. I had heard of Rev’d Up Fun opening, so we decided to check it out and ended up staying for two hours!

What were your initial thoughts when you first came into Rev’d Up Fun?

Clean and interesting! We originally went straight to the front desk, but then decided to go look around for a bit before deciding what we wanted to do.

What has become your favorite attraction?

We had fun with everything, but we all LOVED the XD Dark Ride! We may have gone on it more than once!! My son and his girlfriend decided they really liked the prizes! When turning in our points/tickets, the two 20 year old “kids” turned into overly excited toddlers and took forever picking out prizes.

What has been your favorite memory made at Rev’d Up Fun?

This one is simple! Having fun and laughing with my family! There was some mad competition with some of the arcade games which resulted in gut busting laughter.

What at Rev’d Up Fun makes you the happiest?

The options! There is so much to do, and so many different options at different prices. While there were plenty of young children there at the same time we were, we still found the facility completely enjoyable! The younger kids and their parents who joined us on attractions just made the whole experience even more enjoyable. Everyone was having fun, regardless of age.

Why do you love Rev’d Up Fun?

It’s a clean, friendly place to have some old fashioned fun!

After visiting and making memories here, would you recommend Rev’d Up Fun based on your experience? Why or why not?

Yes! Since our visit, we have recommended Rev’d Up Fun to family and friends. The prices are reasonable, and the staff is friendly. There is so much to do! We know we will definitely be back as well!! I would love to include some pictures, but we didn’t take any! Our phones stayed tucked away in our pockets and we spent the entire time enjoying the attractions and games, and each other!

Are you up for a thrill? A challenge? A new reality? Our Dark Ride XD offers just the thing for you, your family, and closest friends. It’s fun, challenging, and unlike anything else in the Downriver community. When you walk into the doors, make sure you make time for this thrill of a game.  

What is the XD Dark Ride?  

If you think a 3D movie is exciting, just wait until you try the Dark Ride. This cutting-edge attraction will blow you away with the 3D features, and much more. The Dark Ride has four interactive games that will provide you with a unique experience with not just the screen, but our full motion seats, the surround sound system, and action that will make you feel like you are actually in the film. Each participant is given a pair of 3D glasses before entering, and the seats come with a laser shooter that will add more momentum to the experience.  

What games can we choose from?  

Los Banditos:


Los Banditos will take you to the western side of the world with cowboys, trains, and robots. Yes, you heard right, there are robots. The goal? Point the laser shooter and shoot as many robots as possible to gain points. The game will also include several golden starts hidden throughout. These stars allow you the ability  to gain points, but you must tag as many as possible. This cowboy adventure is a Rev’d Up favorite.



The city is under attack, and it’s up to you to embark on a wild chase while fighting reptile like creatures to save the city. Can you defeat the biggest reptile of them all? You’ll have to see as you ride through this epic experience that is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Make sure to tag as many silver rewards as possible throughout your adventure, and collect points before Gigamon destroys the city. May the best man win. 



This is exactly how it sounds. A poisonous gas is leaked throughout the city and is quickly turning everybody into werewolves.  Save the city before Werewolves take over. The city is being dominated and werewolves are attacking by the minute. Can you survive this adrenaline-charged ride? Come in and find out.  



Are you up for a fright? Try the Zombie game adventure. It is sure to take you on a tailspin of fog, woods, and, even a cabin filled with, you guessed it, zombies. Save the world by going to war with the walking dead. May the best Zombie shooter win.  


Every week at Rev’d Up Fun involves lots of activity, events, and fun. We don’t want you to miss a thing, which gives us an opportunity to share with you what’s happened during the week with our Weekly Highlights. These will be just small highlights that have happened during the week, and will give you a quick inside look at what Rev’d Up Fun is doing. So, gear up and get ready for some of our favorite highlights for September 30-October 6.

Trick or Treat Tuesdays:

Every Tuesday throughout the month of October, we are getting into the Halloween spirit. Every Tuesday we will be providing a fun Halloween atmosphere with candy, coloring, half off pricing, and so much more. Guests are encouraged to dress up to be entered into a raffle to win a Halloween basket, candy will be handed out at each attraction, and coloring will be set out for the kids. Each Tuesday will have one ½ off attraction.

This past Tuesday, several kids came in and dressed up. Check out some of these photos below:

Our next Trick or Treat Tuesday will be taking place on October 9 from 4 pm – 9 pm. The half off attraction for October 9 will be the Dark Ride. Get ready and bring your kids out to this Spooktacular fun event. We promise you won’t regret it.


This week we announced our Play. Eat. Be Spooky Halloween event happening on October 28! We are so excited, and cannot wait to celebrate with you. What is Play.Eat.Be Spooky? There will be 10% off all attractions, and you can come in costume for a free $5 playcard. We will also be hosting a Monster Mash party for your kiddos 12 and under. $5 a kid will include:

  1. 1. Halloween snaks
  2. 2. Access to Party Bay with Halloween crafts and activities
  3. 3. Face Painting

We are exciting to gear up for this fun event. Want to come? Sign up here.

Come back next Saturday for more weekly highlights. If you have some favorite highlights from you visit, let us know by tagging us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and we just might feature you. You can follow us on all of our socials @RevdUpFun


Our Fun Enforcers are always up for a challenge, whether it’s helping you with your questions, playing with your kids, or enforcing fun. They are always here to make your experience as great as it can be, which is why we want to shine the spotlight on one of our Fun Enforcers once a month. Why are we doing this? So. you can get to know our team better, and we want also want to make you feel more a part of Rev’d Up Fun. This month we are shining the spotlight on our Party Superviso and Floor Manager, Erika Yancey. She has been a wonderful addition to our team, and we are excited for you to get to know her more.  

Get to know Erika below:  

Who are you and what do you do at Rev’d Up Fun?  

Erika: I’m Erika Yancey and I’m the party supervisor and a floor manager

What do you love most about Rev’d Up Fun? Working at Rev’d Up?  

Erika: I love the atmosphere and the fact that we get to interact with everyone on the attractions, and I love that it doesn’t even feel like a job because it’s so fun to work there.

Favorite thing about your job?  

Erika: My favorite thing about my job is being able to play with the kids and make memories with them.  

How has working here inspired you?  

Erika: Working here has inspired me to one day have my own business and it has also shown me a bit about the potential I have.  

Do you have a recent favorite memory since you started working here? 

Erika: Some of my favorite memories so far are when some of the little kids from my birthday parties come up and remember who I am! 


It’s another Friday night with nothing to do. Your husband is watching the same Netflix show again, your kids are up in their rooms, playing video games, or stating that their bored. There has to be something greater than just another mundane Friday night. You’ve done everything else in town and you’re craving a new experience. What’s out there? You cave in and do a Google search and see a new spot in town called Rev’d Up Fun. What is it? Why should you and your family pack up your things and go?

Here’s why:

Family Atmosphere

There’s nothing like walking into a place that has an inviting and family friendly atmosphere, which is exactly what you will get when you walk into Rev’d Up Fun.  Our goal is to create the perfect environment that will allow families and friends alike to enjoy, have fun, and make memories. This is accomplished by our state-of-the-art attractions, the vintage automotive theme, and the fact that we, in fact, are a family business run by family for your family.


Every other place in Downriver is not able to offer what we can here at Rev’d Up Fun. Our attractions are only a part of the incredible experience you will have here. We, as a business, strive to make your stay at Rev’d Up Fun the most memorable experience as you maneuver through the Ropes Course, play your opponents in Laser Tag, or go into another dimension with our XD Dark Ride. Your kids will enjoy their stay just as much as you and your friends as they have a ball in our Ballocity play structure. It’s no secret that we offer a one-of-a-kind experience that will create life lasting memories for all.


Who doesn’t love good food? If you do, we’ve got it at our Filling Station. We have everything from wraps to Pizza with tasty sweet sauce. Not to mention, our desserts are out of this world. The Filling Station offers a little bit of everything for everyone, and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Birthday Parties

We have the best birthday parties around that are sure to make the birthday kid feel special on their day. Our birthday parties offer delicious food, plenty of time to play on all of our attractions, fun and games, and your very own party host that will stay with you throughout the entirety of the celebration. The birthday child gets to choose what they want to when it comes to attractions, and they also get to spin the birthday surprise wheel, where they will win a special prize. There isn’t a party like a Rev’d Up party.

Fun Enforcers

Our Fun Enforcers are the friendliest employees around. They will help with anything you need help with, and are even willing to play with your kids in any given moment. Whether it’s helping your child through the ropes course and playing with them on the Ballocity or spinning with them on our Spin Zone cars, fun will be enforced and they will make sure of it. So, what are you waiting for? Come and happy today!!

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