XD Dark Ride

If you think a 3D movie is exciting, you’ll be blown away by our thrilling interactive theater experience at Rev’d Up Fun’s cutting-edge 4D Dark Ride! Our 8 state-of-the-art full motion seats will provide you with a multi-sensory, unique experience with incredible graphics and adventure. You’ll be surrounded by sound and action for a completely immersive experience in this game-theater hybrid. Each participant will be equipped with 3D glasses and their own laser shooter to bring the ride to life, and allow them to participate with their friends and family to create an entirely unique experience every time!

Our XD Dark Ride offers guests a realistic, intense experience that is thrilling but may not be for everyone. We recommend that guests with any of the following conditions take a pass on the XD Dark Ride: epilepsy, seizures, heart conditions, pregnancy, high blood pressure, recent surgery or illness, aneurysms, neck or back conditions, or anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Thank you!