Axe Throwing is the next big thing in Downriver Michigan and Rev’d Up Fun has everything it has to offer for an axeciting time. Are you planning on coming into Rev’d Up for some axe throws or to learn how to stick a bullseye? Want to know the gist of what it’s like to throw before you come in for your event or party?

Have no fear! Learn how to chuck an axe by reading below:


Having a good grip and stance are key factors to hitting the perfect target. Hold the axe firmly in your hand with a fist grip. After this, make sure you step back in a wide stance with the foot that corresponds to your throwing arm and point it forward. Keep your wrist rigid as you prepare to throw the axe. Once you think you’re ready, lean forward slightly and release the axe toward the target. To make a target, the force and motion of your forearm and wrist as you throw are key points to get correct.


  1. Stand with the proper stance stated above. Put most of the weight on the side of your right foot, or the opposite if you’re left-handed.
  2. Raise the axe up over your head with the blade facing ahead of you. Bring it up until you are focused with the target.
  3. Bring the axe over your shoulder and then release the axe when your arm is out in front of your body, slightly above your shoulder. When you do this correctly, you should be able to hit your target with no problem.

Practice does make perfect, and once you nail, you will be able to stick that bullseye in no time!

Happy Axe Throwing!!

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