Are you considering having a STEM Field Trip for your class? Wondering if it’s the right decision for you? Let us convince you. This is a field trip you won’t want to miss out on and we know your kids will have fun while they are learning through play.

Whether or not you’ve already decided if a STEM Field Trip is best for you and your class, keep reading to find out all the details on what you can expect from your field trip when you come into Rev’d Up Fun:


Kids learn best through play and at Rev’d Up, we make both happen. While your kids are learning, they are able to play on 3 attractions that will help get them energized and excited to learn.


Are you wanting to avoid planning this year’s class field trip? Have no fear. We plan everything and take care of all the details for you, so you won’t have to. Just show up and get the kids excited to get in motion and energized to learn and have fun!


The kids will be more than energized while playing on our three attractions that are included in the STEM package. While they are having fun, their minds will become energized to learn because, it’s true when we say learning is more fun when you’re playing.


PRICE: $10 per student includes:

2.5 hour experience

  • Four interactive activities that reinforce NextGen Science Standards of Force in Motion and Energy
  • Instructional manual for each station
  • Student activity sheets to promote critical thinking
  • Play on 3 Rev’d Up Fun attractions
    • Ballocity
    • Spin Zone Cars
    • Laser Tag
  • Activities are tailored for K-2nd and 3rd-5th grades
    • Additional attractions are available for a fee
    • 2 Slices of Pizza and Drinks: +$5


  • First 15 minutes: Arrival, split into groups, explain rules
  • Next 2 Hours: Learning activities and playing on attractions
  • Last 15 minutes: Closing and gift shop
Want to book your STEM Field Trip? 

You can contact us at or by calling us: (734)-307-3711

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