Mission statement

Rev’d Up Fun provides a one of a kind experience where guests can be happy, have fun, and make unforgettable memories with their family and friends!

We started Rev’d Up Fun because we love family. Family means love, hope, memories, happiness, and fun—as our kids grew up, we found that vacations, birthday parties, and everyday life created priceless memories of happiness and joy, and as we continues to create new memories with our kids and grandkids, we find that nothing makes us happier than making them happy. This is the foundation of Rev’d Up Fun. Our grandkids’ faces lit up when we showed them videos of Automotive Alley, our Ballocity Play Unit, and our granddaughter would constantly ask, “Papa, are you going to get us the Bally Thing?” She was so captivated, we even caught her praying before bed; “God, please let Papa buy us the Bally Thing.” She turned to her mom and said, “He said yes!” That’s what started it all. We want to bring our grandkids happiness and joy through having fun and making memories with their family and friends. The goal of Rev’d Up Fun is to provide the same happiness and joy to kids, parents, families, and friends in our community!

In the summer of 1976 our father, Frank W. Johnson, recently retired, was looking for a hobby. One fine day, he was driving through New Boston and happened upon a salmon colored 1957 Ford Skyliner. The way the roof retracted into the trunk fascinated him, and not being able to resist the automotive masterpiece, the purchase was made. As any good classic car owner would do, our dad immediately began researching the treasure he had acquired, only to discover that the original color was “Cumberland Green”. He decided a full restoration was in order. The car was repainted the original “Cumberland Green” color, the continental kit was added (which extended the rear bumper and included the rear tire cover kit), and two spotlights were installed. From that point forward, the beloved 1957 Ford became appropriately known as Ol’ Greenie.

During the restoration, Frank and his wife, Christina, would take long summer trips to travel across the country, with a small trailer in tow, so they could stop at every junkyard along the way. They traversed the country from Michigan to California until he found every part he was looking for, and more.

Through the years the pair would attend many car shows, including the Motor Muster at Greenfield Village.The car itself was on display for two weeks at the Village Ford. He even started The Ford Retractable Club, exclusively for people who owned this unique car that was only made for 3 years by The Ford Motor Company.

Ol’ Greenie was our Dad’s pride and joy. In the spring of 2001, Frank passed away, and the care of his beloved car passed on to his son and grandson, Kevin and Zachary. He would be thrilled to see how our family has treasured Ol’ Greenie, and even more so, to see it on display for all of you to enjoy.