About Us


Rev'd Up Fun is a one-of-a-kind experience for family and friends to create unforgettable memories. As we look back upon years filled with happiness and fun with our children and grandchildren, we see that nothing in life delights us more than fostering time together to create those memories. The foundation of Rev'd Up Fun is to help family and friends create these extraordinary moments in their own lives.

Passing the Torch

Ol’ Greenie was our Dad’s pride and joy. In the spring of 2001, Frank passed away, and the care of his beloved car passed on to his son and grandson, Kevin and Zachary. He would be thrilled to see how our family has treasured Ol’ Greenie, and even more so, to see it on display for all of you to enjoy.

Labor of

In the summer of 1976 our father, Frank W. Johnson, happened upon a salmon colored 1957 Ford Skyliner Hard Top Retractable. He fell in love with the automotive masterpiece and purchased it. Soon after, a full restoration was in order. The car was repainted the original “Cumberland Green”, the continental kit was added and two spotlights were installed. From that point forward, the beloved 1957 Ford became appropriately known as Ol’ Greenie.